PowerBrawl’s massive “Brawler” progressive lottery game features 100,000 Brawler tickets and weekly drawings. Tickets are just .02 SOL each and are valid for EVERY BRAWLER DRAWING until the active series ends with a winning ticket.

Game Name Ticket Cost (SOL) Ticket Cost (USD) Jackpot Value (USD)
Brawlers .02 $2.66 $49.91

There are 10 Brawler characters and each one has 10,000 tickets. The Brawler drawing is a two-step sequence.  The first drawing selects one of the 10 Brawler characters, and the second drawing selects a ticket number from 0-9999.  The matching combination of the Brawler and the 4-digit number produce the winning ticket.  The jackpot continues to grow until a minted Brawler is drawn.

Select your Characters and mint your tickets!

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